MMCalc — Molar Mass Calculator

This program calculates molar mass and percent of each element for the given chemical formula.

The program contains perl module and two perl scripts, mmcalc and gmmcalc.

mmcalc is a console version of calculator, while gmmcalc is GUI version using Gtk2 or Gtk3.

Examples of valid formulae: H2O, CuSO4*5h2o, hgcl2, c o, In(NO3)3*4.5H2O, Rb16Cd25,39Sb36.

Acronyms are also supported: [Zn2(dabco)(bdc)2]*4DMF, Pd(acac)2, h4edta. It is possible to add, remove and change the acronyms.

Using of parentheses, square brackets as well as braces is acceptable.